Made to Measure Kilts

made to measure scottish kilt

Keith Scotts has been supplying quality, made to measure kilts since 1890.

We pride ourselves on helping you choose the right tartan, as we deal with all the leading tartan weavers in Scotland and have sample books in store to show you what is available.

Your kilt will be traditionally crafted, either hand-stitched or machine-stitched for strength and durability, giving you a top quality Scottish made kilt to last you years to come.

We always say that you only buy a quality kilt once. So if you’re thinking kilts, think Keith Scott.

Prices start from £295, depending on tartan or tartan weaver. Prices on specific tartans are available on request.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


A Brief History Of The Kilt

The kilt and plaid originated when the wearer took a piece of material, wrapped part of it around his body and fastened it with a belt which gathered it into loose folds, which in later development became the more accurate pleating of the modern kilt.

The other end of the material was thrown over the shoulder where one corner was usually pinned with a brooch to either another part of the tartan or to the shirt.

This combination of the kilt and plaid known as a ‘Breacan-Feile’ is still represented in modern dress although the kilt and plaid proportions have been separated for convenience.

The kilt worn today is the ‘Feileadh Bheag’, or little kilt, which originally had large box pleats that were stitched, while the neat tight pleats of today’s kilt are the result of military influences in the nineteenth century.

The word ‘kilt’ has now come to be the universal term for the colourful ‘skirt apparel’ that constitutes Scotlands national dress although its origins are not entirely clear-cut.